Global Wealth Management is an independent financial planning and wealth management firm with AUM of $538 Million as of 3/31/2019. We strive to create financial independence for our clients, so they can focus on the things in life that are most important to them.

Our first priority is to gain a clear understanding of our clients’ goals, needs, and current situation. This information serves as the basis for creating a holistic financial plan and strategy. We continually meet our clients to review and monitor this plan to make sure they are on track to achieve stated goals and objectives.

Our comprehensive planning services include investments, cash flow, retirement, tax, education, insurance, trusts and estate, and philanthropy & foundations.

Global Wealth Management believes that our role is to help build wealth in a disciplined manner that will enable individuals to reach their stated goals, and to preserve such wealth, once retired. We believe that the process of wealth building is vastly different from speculating in the stock markets. We understand that taking certain risks in the portfolio is essential to long-term wealth building. However, controlling those risks is paramount to wealth building. Therefore, investors should seek to reduce the overall volatility in their portfolios while improving their risk-adjusted returns. We believe in building an investment strategy that will guard the portfolio from deep losses via “controlled risk”, while attaining systematic compounding of capital over time through various economic cycles.

We also believe that an investment strategy that relies on timing the markets is flawed because investors are simply reacting to market noise, often incorrectly, which can lead to buying high and selling low. An important component of long-term wealth building is controlling emotions in response to stock market volatility. Nothing damages the process of wealth building more than “knee–jerk” reactions to stock market volatility, and abandoning carefully developed investment plans. Capital markets are full of unexpected dips that media pundits are more than happy to explain after the fact. Contrarily, we believe that our role is to help investors map out a particular path that enables them to reach their financial destination without emotional reaction to market volatility. We bring approximately three decades of hands on management experience in managing client portfolios that have weathered various economic cycles since the 1980s.